5 Business Benefits of Choosing a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Why Arco Recommends Steel Buildings

Our team focuses on providing excellent customer service by pairing our clients with their ideal steel building. As to why Arco recommends steel buildings, we have found that steel buildings provide the best options for businesses. Pre-engineered buildings are durable, cost-effective, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient—all reasons why they are a big benefit to companies in various industries.

5 Ways Steel Buildings are the Preferred Choice

1. Durablepre fabricated buildings (44' x 66' x 16'-3) (5)

It goes without saying: Steel is among the strongest materials in the world. Steel buildings, especially when engineered and fabricated with precision, are preferred by property owners for being incredibly durable. This is relevant in the everyday work of blue-collar operations, with the building being just as strong and hard-working as any employee. Also, consider how pre-fabricated metal buildings stand up to inclement weather. Being wind- and weather-resistant, steel structures minimize a business’ nature-related interruptions.

2. Cost-Effective

Steel buildings are atop the most cost-effective options out there both before and after construction periods. For one, steel can be assembled in a shorter time frame than alternative building materials such as wood or concrete. Save upfront with a shorter construction period. Once the structure is installed and complete, what many steel building owners are relieved to learn is that this option is less expensive to insure. This is because of its strength—resistance to natural disasters and common issues such as mold help keep premiums to a minimum.

3. Long-Lasting

In being durable structures, pre-fabricated metal buildings are excellent long-term options. While factors such as being fire-resistant help preserve the structure, it’s the other details that also make this a great choice no matter what your long-term plans are. For example, steel buildings are designed and engineered for easy expansion. Additionally, the structures involve minimal difficulty when undergoing interior or exterior remodeling projects. Lastly, this is an ideal investment because steel buildings retain value. They are even 100% recyclable, generating a return even if the structure is scrapped.

4. Low-Maintenancepre fabricated buildings (44' x 66' x 16'-3) (5)

An additional way that steel buildings are cost-effective is that they require minimal upkeep compared to other building types. This helps property owners save on maintenance costs. Steel is not susceptible to termite damage or issues caused by other pests. The surface does not need to be repainted as often as wood or other materials should be. Other common problems such as mold or wood rot are a non-issue with steel buildings, depending on the accessories and additional structures that may be on the property.

5. Energy-Efficient

Steel buildings serve as energy-efficient workplaces when equipped with the proper insulation. This of course lowers cooling and heating costs. Additionally, pre-fabricated buildings can accommodate cold storage functions and maintain the proper temperatures needed.

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